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The Voices Podcast is an interview series designed to get multifamily talking! Produced by HappyCo and hosted by Glennis Markison, it features multifamily voices on the most pressing industry topics — from operating during COVID-19 to building an effective work culture to leadership strategies and more.

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Recent Episodes

September 14, 2020

Rae Schnabel: Learning and Leading in Multifamily

When your industry changes constantly, how do you change with it? Rae Schnabel, Director of Education and Sustainability at Maxus Properties, explains her path to embracing change in multifamily: from seeking feedback to prioritizing sustainability to rethinking education.

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August 10, 2020

Robert Speker: Bringing Joy to Residents

Seniors dressed up and posing to recreate iconic album covers — the idea that earned Sydmar Lodge Activities Coordinator Robert Speker worldwide media coverage (CNN, NPR, etc.). On Voices, he describes bringing this idea to life, and shares how housing operators can boost residents' spirits during lockdown.

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July 27, 2020

Nick Hecox: Facing Turnover? Give Techs a Voice

Chronic turnover plus a global pandemic? With multifamily maintenance teams under more stress than ever, now is the time to change culture for the better. Nick Hecox, Maintenance Director at Al Angelo, breaks down best practices for meaningful training, conscientious feedback, tech adoption and more.

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July 13, 2020

John Morales: Reopening Safely, Coaching Techs

How can you leverage technology to reopen safely during the COVID crisis? And, what does it take to build a maintenance culture where techs feel supported, inspired? John Morales, Maintenance Director at WSH Management, discusses COVID strategies through coaching approaches.

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June 18, 2020

Steve PonTell: Strengthening Affordable Communities

From job losses to school closures, the pandemic's ripple effects have been especially damaging for many affordable housing communities. How can operators help meet their needs in trying times? Steve PonTell, National CORE CEO, advises on social programs through reopening strategies.

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June 03, 2020

Matt Lyttle: Mastering Multifamily’s Partial Reopening

As operators start to partially reopen complexes, how can they keep resident experience top of mind? Matt Lyttle, Disaster Preparedness Expert and FEMA Detailee to a U.S. Senate committee, advises on key topics: logistics, policy, communication and, most of all, building community.

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May 14, 2020

Jaren Bradley: Multifamily Operations Meet Social Distancing

Leasing tours, due diligence, maintenance repairs — multifamily is changing in nearly every arena. How should day-to-day operations shift in a social distancing era? Jaren Bradley, AMC SVP of Operations, discusses.

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April 22, 2020

Matt Johnson: Maintenance From the Front Lines

As essential workers, maintenance techs are on the front lines of the pandemic. How should their supervisors protect, support and train them? Paradigm Maintenance Supervisor Matt Johnson explains.

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April 16, 2020

Katharina Schmidt: Transforming Work Culture in a Crisis

When your multifamily workplace goes remote and your employees are maximally stressed, how should you communicate as a leader? Leadership Coach Katharina Schmidt breaks down the fundamentals: from boosting morale and developing self-awareness to setting expectations and resolving conflict.

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April 08, 2020

Steve Duceatt: Crisis Strategies for Multifamily Maintenance

How do you respond when the COVID-19 pandemic puts your multifamily maintenance teams at risk? Steve Duceatt, RADCO Director of Maintenance & Facilities, offers a how-to on the most pressing issues: from sourcing supplies and communicating effectively to motivating teams and leveraging technology.

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April 02, 2020

Anne Sackrison: Keeping Seniors Safe in the Pandemic

When every one of your senior residents is deemed "high-risk" in a pandemic, how do you change course as an operator? Anne Sackrison, COO of CSI Support and Development Services, shares safety, communication, and operational strategies.

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March 29, 2020

Steve Boyack: CEO Insights on the Coronavirus Crisis

How should leaders manage student housing and multifamily communities during the COVID-19 pandemic? Steve Boyack, CEO of CA Management Services, shares on-the-ground insights from every angle: culture and maintenance through communication and technology.

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March 25, 2020

Barry Blanton: Growth and Leadership in Multifamily

From growth and hiring to conflict and crises, Barry Blanton, Chief Problem Solver of Blanton Turner, shares his lens on the most critical aspects of multifamily leadership.

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March 04, 2020

Brenda Cones: Making Standard Operating Procedures Matter

How do you build a work culture where multifamily standard operating procedures truly matter? Where new employees feel comfortable speaking up to make edits and teams collaborate to shape policy for the better? Brenda Cones, Senior Director of Systems & Operations at Embrey Partners, shares her voice on why it starts with work culture.

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Glennis Markison

Glennis is a writer/producer from San Francisco. Taking the city’s trains and buses with riders of all ages and backgrounds inspired Glennis to go into journalism and share people’s stories for a living. As a content producer at HappyCo, she’s excited to highlight diverse voices and share stories from within the Multifamily industry.

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